History of the Barony of Granite Mountain

Our Lineage

The Barony of Granite Mountain is the youngest Barony in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. The Barony became the 7th in the Kingdom and is known as “The Seventh Wonder of Atenveldt”. Granite Mountain was elevated into Baronial status at Northern War Practice on January 22nd of 2011 by Their Royal Majesties, Duke Phelan and Duchess Amirah. The Founding Baron and Baroness who were invested that day were HE Sir Brian the Pious and HE Natal’ia Diekova Vdova Rabynovicha. Their Excellencies, Brian and Natal’ia reigned over these lands for three years. Then at Northern War Practice on January 25th 2014 came the investiture of HE Jacob the Dainty and HE Elizabetta de Wallachia, the second Baron and Baroness of Granite Mountain. They sat the thrones for three months until unforeseen circumstances forced them to step away from their office in March of 2014. It was decided by Their Majesties, Duke Morgan and Duchess Livia that they would appoint a Vicar and Vicaress, His Lordship Lutold von Sonnenthal and Her Ladyship Elsbeth von Sonnenthal to watch over Granite Mountain until such time to elevate a new Baron and Baroness. They served as Vicar and Vicaress for six months. At Champions in the Pines on September 20th 2014, HE Lutold and HE Elsbeth were invested as the next Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Granite Mountain. They would watch over the Seventh Wonder of Atenveldt for the next three years stepping down at Champions in the Pines on September 16th 2017. At that time, HE Asrikr and HE Jacomina were invested as the fourth coronet, to serve as the next Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Granite Mountain.

Baronial Arms and Motto

The Baronial Arms are blazoned, Per fess indented vert and sable, in chief a laurel wreath Or, a bordure erminois. Upon becoming a Barony the arms became commonly displayed in a lozenge.

The lozenge shape is also echoed in the design of the Baronial Coronets. Often seen as a supporter for our Baronial Arms is the Ermine (animal). Much like the Ermine that is used as the border of the Baronial arms, the Ermine is the symbol that surrounds, supports, and protects Granite Mountain. Ermines or (stoats) are a member of the weasel family and are ferocious hunters. Their fur is of a pure winter white with a distinctive black tip on their tail. In heraldic tincture, the spots represent the dark tips of the ermines’ tails, and are usually elaborated into short vertical lines with small curved projections often with 3 smaller dots above. The Ermine along with the Ermine spots are unique to our Barony in the Kingdom and is commonly used for baronial regalia, baronial awards, etc. Our Barony motto is “Quam Nos Volvamos”, which is Latin for “That’s How We Roll”. The motto was first coined after our first Champions of the Pines event on May 18th of 2008, held by the Shire of Granite Mountain.

Granite Mountain Tradition

Granite Mountain has a long standing tradition of warm friendly hospitality and feeding everyone. It has been said, if you leave a feast in Granite Mountain still feeling hungry, it’s your own fault. Our talented cooks have served many delicious delicacies but by far the most sot after delight is our “Shire Bread”. This freshly baked bread, stuffed with an amazing mixture of secret ingredients has been served in Granite Mountain for a very long time. Those who wish to possess the secret recipe must first become a feast steward for a baronial event which the bread will be served (BGM’s secret Shire Bread recipe, click here!).

The Song of Granite Mountain

Mountain Home Written by: Syele the Songbird, Given as a gift to Baron Brian the Pious


We are the granite, We are the stone,
We are the family that calls the mountain home.
Together we have built and together we shall stand
and together we defend the dream that makes our kingdom grand.


We welcome all to hearth and hall our meat and mead we give
Honor love and chivalry the codes by which we live
We have fought and we’ve created, we have served and we have shone
And finally it’s come to pass we guard the granite throne.


Our army stands upon the field defending Aten King
On sable golden ermine flies, our silver sword songs ring
We shall hold the line and hold the field with joy and honor bright
And defend all that is ours with passion chivalry and might.


Look around you welcome friends and see the splendor of our hall
To our noble artists raise your glass and thank them one and all
For their skill its sure none can surpass, our hear, our soul, our pride
And the glory of the mountains art sure cannot be denied.


We have built our land with service freely given from our hearts
And the strength of Granite Mountain from us never will depart
Let us raise our glass to family and this merry valiant band
Like the granite strong and stable; like the mountain tall we stand.